Eamonn Travers

Every passionate search is in some degree a search for something lost. …at the beginning a search for a substitute.

Eric Hoffer Reflections on the Human Condition

Dec 2016

My name is Eamonn Travers. In 2001 I began working as a System Administrator and since 2012 I am employed as Head of an IT department. In that time Linux and Open Source Software have been the mainstay of my work.

As a System Administrator I have amassed a regular arsenal of tools. Tools which when used proficiently enable the administrator in his craft and trade and whose names are synonymous with Linux, the administration there of and open source. Tools like nmap, ssh, grep, tcpdump, tmux, bash, sed, awk and vim.

Furthermore, I’ve incorporated various Open Source Software into my work and private projects. Apache, Cyrus, Dovecot, Bind, Postfix, OpenVPN, Salt, Xen to name just a few.

This blog was started mainly out of a need to share information. Linux newbies approach me with questions, often the same questions twice and this led me to believe that documenting the answers would be more effective than answering them twice. Furthermore, I needed a place to do to document aspects of the my daily work., which I felt could be possibly of use to others.

Eamonn Travers